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EMOJ exploits recent results in the fields of Deep Learning, computer vision, video analysis and artificial intelligence to propose the following solutions
*Available on App Store and Play Store



SDK mobile is a software development kit for every mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android systems to detect in real time age, gender, emotion and types of interaction for usability test in the wind. The SDK embedded in the app allows user frustration to be recognized and then contents to be adapted or offers to be sorted to increase the level of satisfaction. Data can be visualized in a web-based analytics dashboard.

  • Recognition of frustration and AI-based reactions to increase satisfaction
  • Extended customer segmentation
  • Offer and price sorting
  • Real-time usability and content adaptation
  • Standard Analytics dashboard

eCommerce Plugin


Miora is a plug-in for most e-commerce and web sites based on Artificial Intelligence to measure and increase the Conversion Rate of every web and mobile applications by realizing marketing automation strategies and improving the User Experience. MIORA plug-in is scalable and adaptable to multiplatform applications. It enables A/B testing, sales funnels, targeted remarketing to optimize CR and UX thanks to the integration of the EMOJ platform. EMOJ SDK embedded in MIORA allows emotions, behavior and gaze to be captured and recognized by using the Laptop and Smartphone cameras. Satisfaction, attention, types and time of interactions are used to understand the user, identify weaknesses and strengthens of web site and apps, process funnels and other important KPI.

  • Extended customer segmentation
  • AI-based reccomandation systemù
  • Shop assistant
  • Email, newsletters, notifications
  • Real time reactions to reduce the number of abandoned carts
* Available for Magento, Prestashop and Woocommerce



The huge amont of data collected from multiple digital sources can be easily and quickly visualized through the analytics dashboard. Reports are interactive and customizable according to the metrics you care about, such as customer profile, interests, preferences, level of satisfaction and engagement, sales funnels. All EMOJ technologies are compliant with GDPR 679/2016 about privacy.

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