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EMOJ proposes a multiplatform system to adapt digital contents, signs and every online and physical scenario to create a unique experience based on the customer’s behaviors and emotions recognized in real time from pictures and videos captured by all types of camera, webcam, 4k camera, and video surveillances systems.

AI Web toolkit


AI ToolKIT works as a plug&play solution based on the use of 4k cameras and a laptop installed in every context to monitor humans in front of the sensors and connect to a IoT network to create either an interactive product responsive to human states or a digital signage adapting contents to user profile or an overall sensible space adapting light and music to what the person does and feels. The AI Toolkit is the core technology for physical applications. It can be installed within interactive displays and LED walls, behind “magic mirrors” used for digital signage or integrated into equipped walls and shelves.

Evoque Format


Evoque format is an experiential touchpoint customizable to suit the client’s aesthetics for shop windows, store entrance or exit and public events such as fairs and exhibitions. The EMOJ technology exploits a scalable IoT infrastructure to make the touchpoint a fluid, osmotic and multisensorial space to connect the customer with a brand. Lights, colors, music and multimedia contents visualized in digital signage displays continuously change based on the customers’ behavior, emotions and degree of attention tracked in real time by a set of video cameras integrated in the space. The experiential touchpoint allows brand storytelling to be unique and adaptive to the customer to capture, attract, involve him/her in the customer journey.

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Emojmeter is the solution dedicated to live audience measurement in entertainment, multimedia, art and cultural contexts. The audience unique emotional response and engagement (attention level) are sensed and tracked in real-time during a show, a conference or simply an exhibition. Data are arranged per gender and age and represented in the form of easy-to-use and intuitive graphs. They can be visualized either on a web dashboard or on screens placed across the venue to allow the audience to spot the highlights of the performance. It provides insights, suggestions and roadmap to art directors and managers to improve the show.

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