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Not just cold technology.

EMOJ proposes a software to adapt digital contents, signs and every online and physical scenario to create a unique experience based on the customer’s behaviors and emotions recognized in real time from the pictures captured by cameras installed in a smartphone, tablet, PC and video surveillances systems

Improve user experience through emotional interaction.

The technology aims to include, engage and connect customers with the brand through the knowledge and continuous learning of the emotions they felt and the creation of adaptive reactions to them.

EMOJ customers can finally know their consumers, investigate their shopping preferences and attitudes, understand the motivations for their decision-making and achieve an increase of revenue and an optimization of the conversion rate.

EMOJ Facial coding enables human emotions measurement through facial expressions.

Companies can finally know their customers, their preferences and attitudes and realizes successful CX strategies.

The technology also implements an Artificial Intelligence engine to overcome traditional analytics to easily carry out A/B testing, offer sorting, digital and physical space’s adaptation. EMOJ adoption allows your business to increase the monthly revenue and optimize the conversion rate.

EMOJ technology includes, engages and connects your brand with customers thanks to the knowledge and continuous learning of the emotions they felt and the creation of adaptive reactions.

AI engine in real world

The solution also includes an AI engine to create an interactive and sensing space where lighting and music scenario changes based on what the consumer feels and does.

All solutions aim to increase the degree of consumer’s satisfaction and loyalty. It operates in several markets, from Smart Retail to Travel & Hospitality, till Museums.

Patent & Innovation

EMOJ owns an Italian patent about the convolutional networks used for customer recognition and reaction control in real time. Claims regard:

  • Method to recognize age, gender, emotions and gaze
  • Method for the elaboration of pictures and video and data transmission
  • Algorithms for recommendation and content customization
  • Algorithms for the creation of adaptive and sensible spaces based on customer’s profile and emotions.

Tech Awards

EMOJ is the winner of the following titles

How it Works

01. Analyse


Real time gaze and facial expression recognition
Complex human states in context and unfiltered responses
4K camera, webcam and video surveillance cameras

03. Decide


Omnichannel strategy and insights
Frustration –> Satisfaction
Use of decision tree and machine learning

02. Know


Age, gender, gaze, interaction, emotion
Interest, attention, satisfaction, engagement
customer segmentation and journey map

04. React


Real time reactions to adapt the customer experience
Single and unified experience across all channels
Web, Mobile App, Instore

Why choose our products

The advantages to apply EMOJ solutions are several: to improve the attention at driving in case the system detects boredom or distraction, to automate video surveillance by increasing the safety operators’ effectiveness, to improve the comfort and ergonomics of workbenches if the system detects wrong postures or iterate movements, to increase the level of satisfaction and appreciation of the shopping experience, to adapt digital contents for video games, e-commerce platforms, store windows according to the captured gender, age emotion, gaze and customer interaction.

Business benefit

  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Increase of online sales and reduction of abandoned carts
  • Qualification of data about consumers to determine the best customer experience management strategy
  • Reduction of marketing costs
  • Reduction of time and costs for the development of usable and intuitive user interfaces
  • Improve the quality of brand storytelling
  • Increase of loyalty and repurchase

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